DDSUnited is an association of independent dental practitioners that leverages its purchasing power to negotiate discounts and opportunities on supplies, services, and products all of which help reduce overhead and control costs.

Putting Members First

DDS United, Inc. offers its members the ability to compete with DSO practices. As a Group Purchasing Organization, we allow individual and small group practices to reduce operational costs on a daily basis. By bringing independent practices together into one large group we create buying power and keep our member’s costs competitive with all major DSO practices. Our screened and qualified vendors provide all aspects of necessary goods and services. The best part of the group is the cost to our members is ZERO!!!!! Yes, it’s Free!! We do not charge our members a fee. Our members can pick and choose what they wish to participate in and what they do not. 

Happy Members

Years of Experience

Vendor Partners

Reasons To Smile

” I am a new member to DDS United and have been super impressed with the companies I have worked with, especially Bayshore Dental and Dental City. The level of customer service at both of these companies is exceptional. Bayshore’s crowns are beautiful and they fit great! Dental City ran a price comparison for me using my old invoices to show me where I could save money. Additionally, their reps went through my order I placed with them to make sure I was getting the best deal on everything. DDS United makes saving money easy!”

Dr. Ellen Zwick

“I had been working with Dental City for many years before joining DDSUnited and was always pleased with their service and pricing. Now that I am a member of DDSUnited, I am seeing even greater savings! I still receive the same exceptional service, and I am completely satisfied. It is a great partnership and benefit to private practicing dentists– I highly recommend it”.

Dr. Burt Hagler

“As a small practice owner, I feel powerless negotiating fees with dental vendors. I joined DDSUnited last year and feel like I have regained some of that power. Thank you Jody for creating such a priceless tool to help us all keep our overheads down.”

Dr. Shawn Dornhecker

“Maverick’s crowns are the best combination of quality and esthetics I’ve seen. Crown deliveries are quick and stress free, and patients love the results. I would highly recommend them!”!

Dr. Brian M. Stewart

“My name is Christopher Ashby DDS and We are a small town thriving practice producing and collecting over $1,000,000 per year, yet have been constantly struggling every year. After an in depth practice analysis, we found that we have been grossly over paying for all of our supplies for as far back as our records showed. Since joining DDS United about 6 months ago I’ve averaged a net increase of at least $3500 per month on the low end! We haven’t changed any of the brands of supplies we buy. What a blessing! Thank you Jody”!

Dr. Christopher Ashby

Dr. Jody Ames

Co-Founder/ Dentist

As an experienced Dentist, Dr. Ames is a valuable member of the DDSUnited family, leading the team from one success to the next. Jody Ames, D.D.S. after graduating from Ohio State University has been providing quality and caring dental services for 24 years. Dr. Ames believes it is important to provide quality care for his patients at a reasonable cost.

Jerry Cowan


After Graduating from The University of San Diego Jerry started as an accountant by trade. He then furthered his experiences by running several companies as President and CEO. After a long and successful corporate career, he now owns several business’s including DDSUnited, Inc. OHCA Properties, LLC. and Big Ten Renovations, Inc. He also serves on many Corporate boards including The Indiana Chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Jerry has joined Dr. Jody Ames in his new business venture and enjoys helping Independent Dentists improve the business model to stay competitive in the new and evolving landscape.

“I love Dr. Ames passion for helping independent Dentists and I’m excited to be a part of the Tea

About Us

Giving You Peace of Mind

DDSUnited is made up of well-versed leaders who are highly trained in providing you with exceptional supplies. We offer a wide range of products from supplies all the way to insurance.

 We believe that every person deserves to receive exceptional products from one of the best suppliers in the business. Keep your costs low with the same high-value supplies. Get in touch with us today!