Understanding DDS United as a GPO

A Group Purchasing Organization(GPO) is where independent dentists and small group practices pool their collective buying power to generate and negotiate better pricing on a variety of office needs. These include supplies, lab work, insurance rates and other nonclinical services.

Unlike dental support organizations (DSO) or corporate dental groups, GPOs take no ownership of or stake in a practice and, therefore, do not have any influence on a practice’s clinical decisions or operations. A GPO is a tool that both practitioners and practice owners can use to level the playing field with the DSOs and corporate dental groups. The primary benefit of a GPOis that practitioners gain the negotiating power of several hundred to several thousand practices instead of negotiating as one or two doctors or offices.

DDSUnited receives an administration fee from its partner vendors.

Saving Money within your Practice
DDS United is happy to provide you with a no-cost, no-obligation price comparison on any of our partner products or services. In fact, we encourage such price comparisons because we know that our programs will compare favorably when objectively analyzed. DDS United obtains substantial discounts for our members. Contact our team today!

No. You will purchase directly from DDS United’s suppliers and automatically receive the special pricing negotiated by us.

Signing Up

No. This is where DDS United differs from most GPO’s. Joining DDSUnited is absolutely free with no obligations. Free Free Free!!! All you are required to do is fill out our online application to start enjoying member benefits with our partner vendors. This application verifies that you are a practicing office.

No. We do not charge any fees to participate in the negotiated savings!

No. You can utilize as many, or as few, of the vendor partners contracts as you wish.

Membership Details

Order placement, billing, delivery, and payment will be conducted between the supplier and the member.

DDS United expects our preferred suppliers to be fully responsive to the needs of our members and to promptly resolve problems if and when they occur. While we find that our suppliers are motivated to solve DDS United member issues, in the event of recurring problems, a major issue, or an unacceptable response from the supplier, we will intervene on your behalf to ensure that you are satisfied.

As a DDS United member you are no longer just a single practice, but part of a much larger organization whose consolidated volume exerts significant influence with our suppliers. Although we hope that you never have a problem with one of our suppliers, when you allow us to help you resolve your problem, it presents us with a real opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to our members.

Whenever possible, we do ask that you notify us of problems you are having so that we may assist in resolution.

Whether you have questions about a supplier or about membership or are searching for resources for how to best operate your practice, we are more than eager to help. You can contact us by email info@ddsunited.com or call us at (937)736-0508. We look forward to partnering with you.