DDSUnited and Kulzer

DDS United is proud to introduce Kulzer as our exclusive Refining services Partner!

Kulzer is dedicated to enhancing the success of our dental practice members, as well as having a reputation for being the leader in Precious Metal Scrap Refining.

Kulzer Precious Metal Refining is the world’s largest, privately-owned precious metal Refiner who will sample, melt and perform a complete assay on your dental lot of the following four precious metals; gold, platinum, palladium & silver. They offer direct, personalized contact and an honest assessment of the value of your precious metal scrap while removing the need for an unauthorized cash-on-the-spot middleman, that will often pay much less than you should be getting.

DDS United members pay a 5 % fee as Kulzer’s only Refining charge, no other hidden charges are deducted. No Assay fee! No settlement fee! The payment and assay report come directly to you!

Got Scrap?

Don’t lose money by accepting cash on the spot. Get more for your scrap – skip the middleman and refine direct with Kulzer, one of the world’s largest refiners.


Why Refine with Kulzer?
  • Higher Profits – We have a robust process that accurately values your scrap
  • No Cost to You – We cover all materials and shipping costs
  • Autoship Program – Automates your refining process
  • Full Assay Report – Detailed scrap value report provided
  • No middleman – Come straight to the end refiner
  • No Hidden Fees – Transparent, easy-to-follow fee structure
  • Payout – In only 7-10 business days
How much could you receive for $1,000 worth of Precious Metals?*
4 Steps to Higher Profits