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Premiere 1 Dental Lab

Premiere 1 is established as a full-service laboratory services provider using the most up to date technologies, workflows and processes combined with outstanding partnerships with some of the industry’s most innovative manufacturing companies. Premiere 1’s team is pioneering systems to deliver best in class restorative services couched in a first-class customer care experience that drives cost out of the system and variability out of the outcomes.


Crown and Bridge Services

Premiere 1 Dental provides virtually every fixed restorative product on the market, including CAD/CAM milled, printed and traditional crowns and bridges. With the ability to accept scans from all types of intra-oral scanning devices, we can collaborate with you to create any fixed restoration required.


Cosmetic Restorations

Thanks to advances in esthetic materials and technology, cosmetic restorations not only look beautiful, but are also increasingly durable and functional. Products offered include new and long-trusted materials that satisfy a broad range of restorative and cosmetic challenges.


Digital Services

Premiere 1 accepts scans from all of the currently available digital capture systems and deploys those scans for use in the latest 3D printing, selective laser melting (SLM), and dental milling systems for the fabrication of fixed, removable, orthodontic, and implant restorations.


Cast Partial Dentures

Our cast partials feature a premium chrome/ cobalt alloy. This nickel- and beryllium-free alloy can be cast lighter than most other nickel-free alloys. Our cast partial technicians can provide you with cast partial designs that go to place easily.


Implants and Attachments

Implants continue to grow in popularity as restorative and cosmetic success becomes easier to achieve. Advancements come to market every year and our technicians stay current on the latest developments. We also have digital capabilities for all leading implant systems and accept digital impressions, providing precision and cosmetic success.


Removable Prosthetics

Our Premiere Full Dentures™ are our most popular complete dentures that include high impact acrylic, and heat cured IPN denture teeth. We also offer other options such as standard full dentures, flexible partial and complete dentures.


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