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On Demand Orthodontist

ODO is a team of Orthodontists that provide everything from a la carte aligner treatment planning support to full concierge design, refine and patient monitoring service that lasts the life of an Orthodontic case.  Our goal is not to accept any case for design, but to share our years of experience treating thousands of patients with the partner clinician so that you are equipped with the "why" on treatment planning decisions.  This includes phase 1's/mixed dentition, airway, and general treatment on all indications.


- "Concierge": 0-2 refinements - $1,495/case / 3+ refinements - $2,099/case
   - Orthodontist case design/treatment plan (includes smile simulation, recommended case fees, estimated appointments/treatment time)
   - Spark Aligners (Ormco)
   - Start day instructions (attachment guidance, patient scheduling, aligner wear instructions)
   - Dental Monitoring Scanbox Pro & licensing fees
   - Patient monitoring
      - Refinement alert triage system
   - Refinement design support
   - Clinical coaching
   - Patient capture/financing coaching
- "Adjunct": 0-2 refinements - $749/case / 3+ refinements - $949/case
   - Includes all of the above, except the clinician is free to use the aligner system of their choice
- "A la carte"
   - Case design/treatment plan: $300
   - Refinement design: $200

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