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CareStack - The All-in-One Dental Software

CareStack is an all-in-one cloud-based dental practice management software that simplifies tedious migration, billing & payment processes and eliminates the need for multiple software subscriptions. The extensive onboarding assistance and user guide make the switch easier for dental practices.

By facilitating centralized operations for multi-location practices, CareStack helps practices decrease the overhead per office, thus improving overall profitability. With CareStack, every interaction between the patient and the practice combines care, convenience, and communication to build meaningful relationships.

What Makes CareStack Stand Out

Online Scheduling

Patients can schedule appointments online from the practice website.

Insurance Verification

Smart forms to verify insurance and capture patient responsibility accurately.

Revenue Cycle Management

Decrease collection times and manage insurance and patient receivables.

Two-way Communication

Patients and practitioners can communicate through instant text messages.

Curbside Check-in

Patients can check in by confirming their arrival while waiting in the comfort of their car.

Denial Management

Control centers to track denials and rejections, resubmissions, and A/R follow-ups

Enterprise Reporting

Aggregate data across locations to create accurate, real-time reports.

Patient Portal

Share patient data, treatment plans, and billing information directly with your patients.

Patient Analytics

Detailed patient analytics for prompt follow-ups and productivity.

Reputation Management

Automatically collect and post reviews online on any platform.

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Kelsey Tofovic


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