DDSUnited and Dental City

From humble beginnings as a small infection control products company, Dental City has flourished into a distributor of a wide array of quality dental supplies built on recognizing the importance of relationships and trust with our customers. 

We serve over 13,000 dentists, other individuals, and buying groups straight out of our corporate headquarters and 50,000 square foot distribution center in Green Bay, WI. We carry over 400 brands, and tens of thousands of products are in stock and ready to ship every day with our same day guarantee!


 Supply Cost Calculator

Did you know that your dental supplies shouldn’t cost you more than 4-5% of your annual revenue?
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*Estimated savings with Dental City are based on average savings of current customers. Actual savings per practice may vary.

 Invoice Price Comparison

Upload a copy of a recent supply invoice from your practice to see just how much we could help you save.

Customer Savings

Here is an example of savings a new DDSUnited and Dental City customer recently received.

If you would like to take a look at your custom pricing and take advantage of group savings please upload your invoice here and we will get back to you with your tailored pricing options.